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Exterior ShowRoom Detail
Paint Restoration
Price: $400.00
Full Interior Detail
Stain Removal
Price: $280.00
Miracle Spritz
16 Oz.
Price: $11.99
Miracle Spritz
Two 16 Oz. Bottles
Price: $23.99 $19.99
Miracle Spritz
1/2 Gallon Container (Spray Bottle not included)
Price: $34.99
Miracle Spritz
One 1/2 Gallon Container and One 16 Oz. Bottle (Spray Bottle not included)
Price: $39.99
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Miracle Spritz
Two 1/2 Gallon Containers (Spray Bottle not included)
Price: $59.99 $49.99
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The central valley today show introduces Doctor Z and his
new standard in water conservation
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Central Valley today show presents the easiest way to maint
Water conservation at its best. The easiest way to wash and wax your vehicle. The bottom line is saving time saving money and helping the enviroment. Water constraints and watery treatment, our resour...
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jenny around town and ShowRoom Doctor Z Inc.
Miracle Spritz Promo
DA - Polisher will be used on the headlights exterior glass, chrome, and the entire exterior of vehicle"
Safely removes scuffs, smudges, hard-water stains, swirl marks, stains,oxidation, chemical etching, and scratches.
Hand Washed and prepped using Miracle Spritz and Meguiar's Wax.
Factory Paint will be cut and finished with Meguiar's DA-Polisher and micro-Fiber Paint Correction System
Exterior glass will be polished to remove hard water stains and buildup
Dash and door panels treated with Hyper-Dressing.
Carpet Cleaning and Vacuuming with fresh clean scent
Leather interior will be Treated with Meguiar's Hyper-Dressing
Upholstery will be left soft and clean, with fresh scent
Door jams will be cleaned
Interior and glass will be sparkle and be streak free
Chrome on bumpers and trim will be polished
Rubber and plastic will be cleaned and treated
Engine Safely Cleaned with Miracle Spritz and Hyper-Dressing.
Rims cleaned with Miracle Spritz.
Tires treated with Hyper-Dressing.
 Want your car looking like it just came off of the showroom floor without the possibility of damaging your paint? This professional Full LuxurySuite Auto Body Detail from ShowRoom Doctor Z can do just that for you.With an extensive range of high-end detailing products and an expert attention to detail, ShowRoom Doctor Z will have your car looking like it just rolled off of the lot at the dealership. Hand Wash done using Miracle Spritz, the innovative product that washes your car while avoiding scratches and keeping your paint beautiful, while also almost completely eliminating the use of water.
Reminder: This is a Professional Automobile Service. Please allow a full day 8  hours of service for a full completion depending on size and condition of vehicle.  
Heavy and deep scratches may remain or require additional cost.

Introducing the Incredible “Miracle Spritz” by the Showroom ‘Doctor’
Don't have a car wash, have a car Blast! Keep you and your cars image “Showroom ready”, all the time.
And how is this possible???…
The ‘Doctor’s’ very own mystery formula. The only leading edge solution of its own kind. A car wash in a can, no need for messy tangling hoses, taking away your time and resources.
The 'Doctor' is keeping only your car’s true beauty at hearts interest.
So call for an appointment Or just stop by. 
A product made soluble for the environment
 1018 San Jose Ave Bldg 102
Clovis, Ca 93612
(559) 492-6329
Miracle Spritz use only 3 ounces to wash your entire vehicles